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Latest Overseas Property News

General tips and advice when purchasing in a rural area

Apr 27, 2016

Now that the global property market is picking up, more UK buyers are looking to purchase a home overseas for investment and retirement purposes. Prices in countries such as Spain are at rock bo... read more »

8 Easy Ways to Save Money When You Move Abroad

Mar 11, 2016

If you are planning on buying a house and moving, you will need deep pockets. You will need to budget around £12,000 just to move, according to a study. There are clever ways to save money if you... read more »

Latest European Mortgage News and Advice

Mar 2, 2016

Despite the tricky financial climate we live in, scores of Brits are still taking the plunge and either emigrating, or buying a second home abroad. However, if you wish to raise a mortgage to purc... read more »

Moving Abroad: Planning ahead when looking to retire overseas

Jan 7, 2016

Retirement abroad can be an exciting new chapter in your life! The lure of low costs, better weather and adventure have many people considering retiring abroad. Retirement overseas can be an ... read more »

Central Banks & Their Impact on Currency Exchange and Your Property Investment

Dec 22, 2015

Currently, the European Central Bank is trying to allay fears over the lack of growth in the Eurozone. However, their efforts on the 3rd December were viewed as a bit limp by the financial ma... read more »