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Latest Overseas Property News

Currency News: Protecting against the falling pound

Oct 18, 2016

With sterling in freefall, how can you protect yourself from further drops when buying overseas property? It’s been relatively easy to sweep the referendum result under the rug over the last ... read more »

Safe and secure. And sunny!

Oct 15, 2016

You may love the idea of the Portuguese lifestyle but are nervous about sending your life savings to another country. That’s understandable, but you needn’t be, buying in Portugal is safe and... read more »

Out of season France? There’s no such thing!

Oct 15, 2016

If the thought of a British winter fills you with horror, a move to France could be just what the doctor ordered. Your journey can start now Let’s face it, summer’s over. The wind is pickin... read more »

Ferrari Land will rev up the Costa Dorada

Oct 15, 2016

Spain knows how to attract tourists year after year after year. That’s why the exchange rate shouldn’t affect your home in Spain. For those of us who love the scream of an engine and the he... read more »

Turkey’s affordable Mediterranean homes

Oct 14, 2016

If the price of property has been stalling your holiday home dreams, Turkey offers the Mediterranean lifestyle at a fraction of the cost of Spain. It’s the same sea, just a different airport…... read more »