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Buyers gobbling up Turkey

Turkey certainly offers a great deal to anyone seeking a relaxing life in the sunshine – wonderful food, friendly people, great weather and of course, bargain properties! Although interest in Turkey declined in July following the failed coup attempt, stability has returned to the market in the last month or two. Team this return of stability with the UK’s imminent departure from the European Union and you can understand why more buyers than ever are looking to Turkey for a second home.

If you’ve been spurred into action, you need to understand the steps involved in buying in Turkey. Doing so safeguards you against encountering any nasty surprises that could fling a spanner in the works and leave you out of pocket, and without somewhere to sunbathe next summer! Make your first port of call downloading your free copy of the Turkey Property Guide . This free guide walks you through every single step involved in purchasing property in Turkey, from the financials and legalities involved, through to tips on how to find the perfect location and property for you.

Secondly, in a competitive market, with hoards of buyers competing for the same bargain properties – it’s important that you have a currency strategy in place. We recommend speaking to currency experts, Smart Currency Exchange. As well as ensuring quick transfers between UK and overseas accounts, Smart Currency Exchange don’t charge you fees on transfers, and can also help you to lock in an exchange rate that you’re happy to trade at for up to a year. This effectively allows you to lock in the price of your Turkish property in pounds, meaning you can sit back and relax knowing that no matter how much the pound falls in value during Brexit negotiations, you’ve set the price of your dream property in stone, and no one else will be getting it! Click here for your free quote and to see how much Smart Currency Exchange can save you today.


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