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Latest Overseas Property News

Tips for Buying Overseas Property as a First Time Buyer

Sep 5, 2018

Buying property overseas can be complicated, especially if you are a first time buyer and you don’t have any experience of buying European property. However, that’s not to say that it’s comp... read more »

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Property Overseas

Sep 4, 2018

Buying property overseas is not quite as simple as buying property in the UK, even for those who have purchased property abroad before. This is why a lot of people end up making mistakes, mistakes... read more »

When is the Best Time to Buy Property Overseas

Sep 3, 2018

Though there are a lot of people who are wanting to buy property overseas, many delay getting started simply because they don’t know whether it’s the best time to buy. The European property ma... read more »

Top 5 Reasons To Invest in European Property in 2018

Jan 8, 2018

When it comes to investing in European property, 2018 could be one of the best years to do so. With the post-Brexit climate settling down and interest rates remaining low, the current property mar... read more »

Malta’s Growing Economy Attracting Buyers & Entrepreneurs

Aug 4, 2017

Malta's economy and real estate sector set to boom. So far in 2017, both Malta’s economy and commercial real estate markets are seeing a boom; this is an unprecedented demand. In the last f... read more »