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A Helpful Guide to Becoming Self-Employed (Autónomos) in Spain

Nov 15, 2019

So, you’re thinking of moving to Spain? As well as finding somewhere to live, unless you’re already retired, most expats will also need to find a way to earn a living. It’s important think a... read more »

Malta – A Brexit Solution

Nov 8, 2019

As more time passes and the political turmoil in the UK intensifies, the prospects of a soft Brexit are becoming dimmer. The UK’s decision to part ways from its membership with the EU is one of ... read more »

Location Guide: Málaga

Oct 25, 2019

Málaga is Costa del Sol’s most famous city and a favourite tourist hotspot for fun-in-the-sun. With over three hundred and twenty days of year-round blue skies and sunshine, Málaga offers the ... read more »

Buying a New Build vs Resale Property

Oct 16, 2019

In this guide we will help you to make your decision on which type of property sale suits your needs best. NEW BUILD PROPERTIES MODERN LIVING If you are a person who enjoys to live in the... read more »

How to Buy Property in Spain - Some Helpful Advice

Oct 11, 2019

Get your Foreigner’s Identity Number If you want to conduct any business or financial transactions in Spain, including purchasing a house or opening a bank account, you’ll need a Número de... read more »