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Reasons To Buy a Property in Valencia

Location is everything when considering your next big move and you can't go far wrong with settling on Spain's eastern coast and it's third biggest city, Valencia (behind Madrid and Barcelona in population size).

Valencia has a wonderful all year round climate and with over 22,000 hours of sunshine on average every year, so it's easy to see why so many Europeans come here to live.

The city offers the same as Barcelona and Madrid in terms of great restaurants and tapas bars, excellent transport systems and quality hotels but at much cheaper prices than its rivals. The eastern coast of Spain has an excellent motorway system, providing a fantastic base to begin your adventure.

With three beaches within walking distance of the city centre: Las Arenas, Malvarrosa and El Cabañal. The restaurants and tapas bars along the promenades offer time-honored rice dishes like paellas and fideuá (noodles), cooked with a choice of local meats, vegetables or seafood. With a variety of trendy cocktail bars and restaurants to sit, you can relax and take in all the sights.

Valencia is made up from its historical centre, the city centre itself (which is great for shopping), the beach area and the metropolitan areas surrounding the city. From the beach, the city is only a 20-minute metro ride into the centre.

The centre is steeped in history starting with the cathedral. If you wish to climb the 207 steps up to the top of the Micalet, your reward for doing so is the best panoramic views of the city. Valencia's rich history is evident everywhere, it's reflected in their fiestas and traditions, their food and language.

Once out of the centre you don't have to travel far to find beautiful green countryside, rolling hills, and fields of orange trees. Valencia is a mountainous region with some great walks with panoramic vantage points. If you drive a couple of hours north, you can even enjoy a day skiing in the mountains with a choice of two ski resorts.

Coffee bar culture is everywhere and there are some lovely coffee houses throughout the city and surrounding towns. Spanish love their coffee and it's a tradition that is deep-set, there's a coffee shop on every corner, so be prepared to ignite your passion for coffee!

Despite it's rich and colourful history, Valencia has many modern areas, just take a look at the City of Arts and Sciences, home to a host of amazing buildings including Europe's biggest aquarium: The Oceanografic. It is also the site of the Science Museum, the Hemisferic and the concert hall for Valencia's orchestra: The Palau de les Artes.

Valencia as a community has so much to offer, it is a beautiful place to live with a long-established culture to match, so we hope to see you here house hunting very soon.

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