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Overseas Property Post Brexit - Still Opportunities to be Sought

Jul 13, 2016

Since Brexit, there have many different comments in the press about how people feel the market and economy will develop during the next few months and most, unfortunately, have been rather dour. ... read more »

Will Brexit Affect Brits Buying Homes in the EU?

Jun 28, 2016

Those who are looking to purchase a home overseas are likely to see that owning a property in the EU will only be marginally more complex than it is currently. Brexit will put Brits on par wit... read more »

BREXIT: Top 10 Potential Impacts on the Overseas Property Market

Jun 23, 2016

Voting is under way in a historic referendum on whether the UK should remain a member of the European Union or leave. Polling stations opened at 07:00 BST and will close at 22:00 BST. A reco... read more »

How to Prepare When Moving to Europe in 6 Simple Steps

May 4, 2016

Moving to another country within Europe is both an exciting and challenging life decision. There are many things to consider and organise before rushing into things head­on. Where will you live? ... read more »

General tips and advice when purchasing in a rural area

Apr 27, 2016

Now that the global property market is picking up, more UK buyers are looking to purchase a home overseas for investment and retirement purposes. Prices in countries such as Spain are at rock bo... read more »