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Securing your Spanish dream

Remove all doubt from your Spanish property purchase and budget effectively with the help of a currency expert.

We might be enjoying an Indian summer, but there’s no denying what’s around the corner – the dreaded British winter! With the nights drawing in and the shops full of warm clothing, maybe you are one of those people turning to your partner and saying something like: “Darling, let’s finally get serious about buying that property in the Spanish sunshine.” You can download a comprehensive guide to buying property in Spain here.

It’s certainly been a confusing summer for those contemplating purchasing in Europe. Especially as people’s buying power can fluctuate by the minute as the currency markets leap about in response to political news and the latest economic data. When you’re saving in pounds, but your property is in euros, it can be hard to determine when to act to get the most from your hard-earned savings. This is understandable when you see that Spanish properties on the market in September 2015 for €100,000, would have cost you £73,000 at the time, and now, just a year later in September 2016, this price has shot up to £84,000. That’s a big leap – and a lot of valuable cash that could have been spent on decking out your new villa, or splashing a little on fresh seafood and a bottle or two of wine to toast your new life.

Fortunately this scenario needn’t happen to you. High street banks might not think to mention that you’re trading at entirely the wrong time, but a currency expert will. MoveAgain recommends Smart Currency Exchange for all your currency needs. Smart has been voted Number One for both currency exchange and money transfer provider on Trustpilot, the respected hub for customer reviews. They offer the best advice and the best rates, which means you can typically save up to 4 percent on all your currency transfers. When you’re making several transfers, to cover the stage payments on your off-plan apartment on the Costa Brava, for example, this can really add up.

Additionally, Smart Currency can help you to lock in the price of your property for up to a year – so you never have to worry about the market fluctuating and your dream home suddenly leaping out of reach. This type of ‘forward contract’ affords you the peace of mind of always knowing how much you’ll be trading your currency at – meaning you can budget for the whole sale after just a quick chat with your personally assigned currency expert.

For more information and to see how much you could save call 020 7898 0541 or click here for a free quote with no obligation.


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