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Skis at the ready!

As we speak, ski lovers everywhere are crouched over their computers booking up their winter holidays to the snow. If this is you every year, perhaps you’ve considered the idea of buying a ski property of your own? Perhaps you could use your upcoming ski holiday to really go off-piste and dedicate some time to searching for the perfect property for you and your family to enjoy every ski season for years to come.

If you decide to view a few ski properties when you visit France, there are a few things you might need to brush up on before you board the flight. For a little pre-trip research, we recommend downloading your free copy of the France Property Guide . This invaluable guide walks you through every step involved in buying overseas, from establishing what you want and need from a property, to the legalities and financials involved in buying in France.

Once you’re clued up on what to expect, you need to get the right experts on side, so that should you find that perfect chalet you’ve been pining over (get it?), you’ll be able to act fast to secure it for you and your family. Your first port of call should be to seek out a property agent who sells properties in the area your interested in, at a price you can afford. Next you’ll need a French- and English-speaking lawyer who can walk you through the legal aspects of buying there.

Finally, and most importantly, you need to employ the services of a currency expert like Smart Currency Exchange, which can help you effectively manage all of the overseas payments associated with buying property in France. When viewing desirable properties in a competitive market, at a time when there are lots of potential buyers circling, it’s essential that you’re prepared to act fast to secure the property when you find it. Smart Currency Exchange facilitates quick and secure transfers, which mean they can help you to get the money in the right account the minute you say the word. They will also save you money on your transfers, which if the pound continues to fall against the euro, is more important than ever. They will also help you to lock in an exchange rate that you’re happy to trade at for up to a year, thus allowing you to budget effectively for all the payments associated with buying your own ski property in France. To see how much Smart Currency Exchange can save you on your property purchase, click here for a quote today .


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