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Where in Portugal Should I Buy a Property?

For many different reasons, Portugal has been elected several times one of the best countries in the world to live in. And the Algarve definitely stands out in the list of the best regions. This year, the Algarve is living an extended summer scenery, with thermometers around 30ºC. But this is nothing really extraordinary, since the region has a climate that dispels worries all year round. And the climate is far from being the only Algarve virtue. In fact, one could add its natural diversity – golden beaches backed by towering sea cliffs, remote sandy coves, rounded hills and small mountains in the countryside – the peculiar and charming houses, the gastronomy – delicious fish and seafood –, the hospitality of the people, the cost of living, the country’s safeness, among many other qualities. All decisive for what we all aim: quality of life.

Surely we cannot forget the award-winning golf courses, especially those in the central Algarve region (also known as the Golden Triangle), which share beauty, environmental quality and integration with nature. All these peculiarities combined provide you with a wide palette of memorable sightseeing and can assure you great experiences: from sports like surfing or scuba diving to more relaxed activities, such as walking or hiking along appealing landscapes.

The Algarve keeps inviting us to stay a little longer until we make the perfect decision: to buy a house there. Whether it’s just to spend a period of time a year or to move our bags and luggage, it’s definitely the right choice. So if you are thinking of moving to the Algarve, contact LUXIMO'S Christie's Real Estate. We have the right option for you.

But we can't leave Porto aside. Portugal’s second city has much more to offer than just port wine. This city, with a population of just over 235,000 people, has been elected three times since 2012 the best European Destination of the year. And why is this happening? Visitors are attracted to its exquisite architecture, blue-tiled row houses, winding alleys, stunning views and Michelin-starred restaurants. But more than the city’s peculiarities, visitors are charmed by two features that don’t come in tourist guides: its quality of life and its hospitable and genuine people.  As the perfect-extent city, it is easy to enjoy all urban dynamics without having to drive. Whether you’d rather taste the city’s romanticism and feel its cultural energy by visiting the prehistoric tunnels, the ribbed bridges, the mythical railway stations, the century-old institutions or choose to walk along the waterfront and marvel at this absolutely unique landscape while escaping from the world.

As the gateway to the North of Portugal, Porto can be the starting point for a journey to the natural and cultural diversity of the region. Delimited by the oldest borders in Europe, North of Portugal has long been renowned for its historical heritage, as well as the variety of landscapes, often awarded World Heritage status. Besides mountains, natural parks, castles and town squares, we can also find here exclusive estates with traditional charm or contemporary innovation.

So welcome to this buoyant and well-developed real-estate market with a wide choice of quality and design properties at attractive prices.

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Photo: Porto City, Portugal


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