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Protect yourself against uncertainty in 2017

As we teeter on the cusp of the New Year wondering what could possibly happen next, we consider how you can protect your finances when transferring internationally in 2017.

If someone had sat us down at the beginning of 2016 and told us what was about to happen, chances are the majority of us wouldn’t have believed it! It’s been an undeniably turbulent year across the world and there’s no guarantee that 2017 will run any more smoothly. January is set to be a big month in terms of news that will affect how the year might turn out. Across the pond Donald Trump will be sworn in as the President of the United States, and back in the UK, the Supreme Court will rule on whether Brexit needs to be voted upon by Parliament. Although much is unclear, one thing we know with full certainty is that if you’re planning on buying overseas in 2017, you need to protect the value of your hard-earned savings. Today we tell you how…

First off, you should seek out the services of a currency expert like Smart Currency Exchange. As experts in helping Brits to buy property overseas, they know the intricacies of the processes involved in buying abroad, and offer a range of services to help protect your money. Currency markets fluctuate second by second and these fluctuations often become even more significant when big international news is announced. In a time of such uncertainty, you need to ensure that the hard-earned savings you’re planning on spending on an overseas property don’t dramatically diminish in value the minute an adverse currency fluctuation occurs.

Smart Currency Exchange offer a service called a Forward Contract, which allows you to lock in an exchange rate that you’re happy to trade your currency at for up to one year. This means that no matter how the markets respond to international news, your exchange rate is locked in. If you’re buying a property that requires staged payments, for peace of mind, you’ll want to know exactly how much each of these payments will cost you, especially if sensible budgeting is essential to the success of your purchase. All you need to do to secure this contract is sign up for a free account, agree a rate you’re happy with, and set up a standing order for the scheduled payments.

Not only can a Forward Contract from Smart Currency Exchange provide you with some much needed certainty, they can also save you money on every transfer (typically between 1-4 percent), as they have access to the live currency markets that your bank do not. Plus, there are no fees charged on transfers of over £3,000. Savings like this add up and make all the difference – get Smart Currency Exchange in your corner today.


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