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MoveAgain Partners with XML Feed Provider MyDataFeed

We have now configured our website to accept property data feeds from MyDataFeed, adding to our growing list of accepted CRM and XML providers on our European property portal. The introduction of MyDataFeed provides a reliable and cost-effective solution to those agents wishing to advertise quickly and easily on MoveAgain.

What is an XML Feed?

XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language and is a format that has become the industry standard in property data distribution. XML feeds typically contain property details including price, description, location and images of an agents entire real estate portfolio.

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The MyDataFeed data extraction platform will visit your website, crawl your data and place the data into the most appropriate feed formats for you to submit to external websites.

For our clients, we aim to generate as many leads as we can, with very minimal input from the client. We can help clients generate leads by distributing their listings to major portals, ensuring that they get the right exposure! Which will in turn result in increased lead generation... Read More »

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