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How to Prepare When Moving to Europe in 6 Simple Steps

Moving to another country within Europe is both an exciting and challenging life decision. There are many things to consider and organise before rushing into things head­on. Where will you live? Do you have a job lined up? How will you move your belongings? There are seemingly endless questions you could ask yourself. Here are our key 6 steps of how to prepare for a successful European removal.

1. Speak to Family and Friends

When you take the plunge to move to a different country in Europe, it is important to discuss your move with family and friends. They will probably be both excited and sad to hear of your news. Moving abroad may mean that you are now separated by expensive flights and hundreds of miles. However, with social media, Skype, and cheaper airfares, the distance between you is shorter than ever before.

2. Find a Job

If you are not being relocated for work, finding a job may be one of your top priorities to organise before you move. Search job portals for current openings in your chosen country. If you are required to attend an interview, many employers will offer Skype interviews, and possibly cover your travel expenses. You may also find it easier to find a job upon arriving in your chosen country. If you move before securing a job, ensure you have enough money saved to be able to live for at least three months.

3. Find a Property

The most important factor to ensure you feel at home in your new country will be finding your ideal home to call your own. You should not commit to buying a property before visiting it ­ photos can be deceiving! Make sure you research the property laws in the country, and ask an independent lawyer to proof all documents. You should also arrange short-­term accommodation for when you arrive if you are unable to find a property before leaving the UK.

4. Packing

Leaving plenty of time to properly organise your belongings is the key to successfully packing for your European removal. A few months before leaving, you should begin sorting through your home room­by­room and clearing out any unwanted possessions. Sell items on eBay, or donate them to your local charity shop. As your move approaches, begin by packing all of your unneeded items. Boxes should be packed with the heaviest items at the bottom, and clearly labelled if they are fragile. Many moving companies offer professional packing services which may be a good option if you are worried about breakages. Don’t forget to pack a suitcase with enough clothes and toiletries to last you until your belongings arrive at your new home.

5. Choose the Right Removal Company

Choosing the right removal company to carry out your move will give you great peace­of­mind when you wave good bye to your possessions. Do your research thoroughly and read reviews before committing to any quote. Remember that going for the cheapest quote is not always the best option. You are trusting your movers with your life’s collection of belongings. You should also consider removals insurance for additional peace­of­mind. Accidents can happen, even when you have chosen the most professional moving company.

6. Get Moving!

Your suitcases are packed, boxes taped up, and your furniture is wrapped... now you just have to move! A week before you move you should double check the schedule and details of your move with your removal company. Make sure they have your up to date contact details should they need to contact you on your moving day. The final step is to enjoy your move and relax! Living abroad is an exciting time that brings many new opportunities... make the most of it.

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