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Ensuring certainty at an uncertain time when buying in Spain

Going into 2017, not much is set in stone. Today we discuss a couple of steps you can take to bring a little certainty to your Spanish property purchase.

For some 2016 was a wonderful year, whilst for others it was a year to forget. The world is in transition, especially in the USA and here in the UK. As we await a decision from the Supreme Court about whether or not Parliament ministers will be called to vote on how Brexit is triggered, if you’ve been planning to buy property in Spain, maybe you feel spurred on to act fast before any big changes happen. What can you do today to set the wheels of your Spanish purchase in motion?

Take a break from the news and instead dive into researching all there is to know about purchasing property in Spain. Buying property anywhere is a complicated business, you want to make sure that you know about every step involved so that you can prepare and plan accordingly. Download your free copy of the Spain Property Guide today. You’ll be able to learn about popular areas that might appeal, the buying process, legalities of a move, costs, as well as some useful tips on how to rent out your Spanish property (and make some cash) when you’re not in town.

Next, you should sign-up for a free, no-obligation account with Smart Currency Exchange. At such an uncertain time, it’s incredibly useful to have a professional on side whose job it is to monitor international events and how they are likely to impact on the plans of their clients. Smart Currency Exchange have been helping people to buy abroad for over a decade. This means they know how international events can affect the currency markets, and will be able to help you take all the necessary steps to ensure your purchase goes through without a hitch. In addition to their expertise, Smart Currency Exchange can save you money on each transfer of funds to Spain – typically between 1-4 percent on the rate offered by your bank, plus they don’t charge any transaction fees on amounts over £3,000.

Perhaps their most important service at a time like this, when we can’t predict what might happen in 2017, is one of their Forward Contracts. These contracts allow you to lock in an exchange rate that you’re happy to trade at for up to a year. This means that no matter who’s sworn in as President or how soon Article 50 is triggered, you’ll know for sure how much will be going out of your account every time you trade


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