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8 Easy Ways to Save Money When You Move Abroad

If you are planning on buying a house and moving, you will need deep pockets. You will need to budget around £12,000 just to move, according to a study. There are clever ways to save money if you follow these 8 simple steps:

1. Check the hidden costs of removal companies

Removal companies have a reputation for being sneaky so make sure you carefully check what is included in your quote. Many companies charge additional costs for things like fuel, or delays due to traffic. We recommend moving with reputable movers, who offer guaranteed fixed prices.

2. Book your move in advance

Just like when you purchase a plane ticket, booking a move in advance can save you a substantial amount of money. The nearer it gets to your move, the more expensive moving becomes. If possible, start planning in good time so that you get the best value quote.

3. Don’t move on a weekend

Moving companies often have higher rates on weekends. To save money, consider taking time off work to move on a weekday. If you move on a Friday, this also gives you more time to settle into your new home.

4. Sell any unwanted things

Use moving as an opportunity to have a declutter and make some extra cash! It’s surprising how your unwanted belongings can add up to a tidy sum in your back pocket. Use sites such as Ebay, or set up a stall at a local car boot sale. You could donate anything you don’t sell to charity.

5. Remember to cancel subscriptions

Use a checklist to remind you when to cancel subscriptions and bills. It’s a shame to pour money down the drain by forgetting to cancel bills such as internet. It also pays off to take a metre reading when you leave your old home. Follow a checklist and you could make a substantial saving.

6. Change your electricity and gas supplier

When you move into your new home, research electricity and gas suppliers rather than simply sticking with the previous owner’s supplier. Energy providers are constantly updating their rates and deals. Shop around to find the most cost-effective option for you.

7. Get a house survey on the property you’re buying

It may seem like an additional unneeded cost, but getting your new home professionally surveyed before you decide to buy could save you huge amounts of money and stress. It is especially important to get the property surveyed if you are moving into an old or listed property, or if it is timber framed. If you don’t conduct a survey, you could be hit with hefty building and repair costs soon after moving.

8. Furnish your new home for free

One person’s unwanted things are another one’s treasure. Check out Freecycle and similar websites to find free furniture to furnish your new home. Alternatively, see what your family and friends have lurking in the depths of their garage. Even if the furniture may look like it’s seen better days, a lick of paint can work miracles!

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