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5 reasons why you should look at buying property in Lisbon

For investors and lifestyle buyers alike, the capital of Portugal adds up to a tempting option for property purchase. Here are our five reasons why you should look at Lisbon:

Lisbon returns

Lisbon property prices rose nearly 4 percent last year, compared to the national average of 3 percent. Rental yields for high-end apartments are between 5 and 6 percent compared to yields in the Algarve of 3.5 to 4.5 percent. The Algarve coast is great for summer vacation rentals, with all the weekly cleaning and guest-welcoming that that implies, but Lisbon offers relatively hassle-free year-round returns.

Airline winner

TAP Portugal, the national airline that operates most flights out of Lisbon, was nominated for Europe’s best Business, Economy and overall Airline at last year’s World Travel Awards. It even won the best in-flight magazine gong. So you can be confident in varying the flight options, giving Ryanair a welcome rest once in a while!

Infrastructure spending

The national government has awarded Lisbon a €1.4 billion grant to spend on renovating & gentrifying its city centre. That’s a lot of cash for a relatively small city.

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Low living costs

Property buyers in Lisbon will be reassured by the 2016 City Costs Barometer, which showed that Lisbon was one of the least expensive of 35 European cities for weekends away and the cheapest in western Europe. A weekend in Lisbon would cost £134, compared to £280 in Barcelona and £300 in London. Celebrate with a beer, it only costs a pound for a glass! Of course, you will also save a lot of money if you get the best currency rates. Property buyers and sellers in particular can save thousands if they get the best rate from a currency specialist. Click here for a free currency quote .

Cute and quaint

Lisbon is only the size of Bristol, home to just half a million people. It’s easy to get around, to get out of when you want to hit the beach, or to reach the new resort of Quinta da Marinha, at Cascais, 30 kilometres outside the city. Its new hotel and villa developments are proving very popular with Lisbon’s wealthy residents.

Download your free guide to buying a home in Portugal here .


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